Jun 28, 2022 | Case Studies




Dry Prong, LA (just outside of Alexandria, LA)

Facility Size

51,000 sqft


Shortly after opening in 2013, Scott Gaspard, the casino’s Director of Facilities, noticed that starting Friday night through Sunday cigarette smoke would accumulate at the roof deck. The existing HVAC system included Daikin’s packaged roof-mounted D-X equipment with electrically enhanced filtration and glass-tube bipolar ionization. However, as the glass tubes began to age, the smoke would build up in the open structure until the supply diffuser could capture the smoke and push the smoke down to the gaming floor.

To mitigate some of the effects, Scott installed an exhaust system at the roof deck to remove the cigarette smoke and prevent buildup. The exhaust system only slightly improved the situation, but in 2018 the existing smoke-removal system was nearing end-of-life. Scott knew that replacing the existing glass tubes would not solve this issue completely. Also, additional smoke-removal systems would be very costly and disruptive to the game floor.


John Watts from im电竞app官方网站 offered Scott an alternate solution for smoke removal. John proposed the Global Plasma Solution (GPS) iMOD bars in place of the glass-ion tubes.  GPS’s iMOD bars are modular bi-polar ionization bars that screw into the existing glass-ion-tube power supply.  The iMOD bar is designed to replace any competitor’s glass-ion tubes.  Also, by exchanging the glass-ion tubes for the iMOD bars, the ion density will increase along with the capacity for smoke removal.  Scott decided to replace the glass ion tubes one-for-one with the GPS-iMOD bars for maximum smoke-removal capacity.  Scott also incorporated new GPS-FC48-AC carbon fiber needlepoint, bi-polar ionization generators for the “back-of-house” HVAC systems.


The cigarette smoke buildup at the roof deck has been eliminated. The fragrance injected into the HVAC system is now detectable at the gaming-floor level.  Casino staff have remarked how they do not smell of smoke when they get home after their shift. Buildup of dust on gaming machines has reduced to allow better use of staff.  Also, the electronically enhanced filters have been removed from the system, which provides additional cost savings for the casino.

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