Commercial HVAC


What We Offer:

Parts for the major lines that we represent:


As a stocking parts distributor for all of our lines, such as Daikin, Lennox, etc, we are here to handle your replacement parts needs. We are expanding our capabilities by adding to our inventory to include the generic parts and commodity parts our clients require immediately, such as Trane parts. Please call us at (318) 550-9999 with your HVAC equipment parts needs or send us your parts request using the form below.

What we have in stock:

  • general HVAC parts
  • supplies
  • tools, chemicals
  • motors
  • filters
  • safety gear
  • vibration isolators
  • refrigerant
  • Baldor Motors 2-50hp
  • Danfoss VFDs 5-30hp in 208v and 460v

We have competitive pricing on:

  • Baldor Motors
  • Browning Drive Components
  • Gates Belts
  • Copeland and Danfoss Compressor
  • Refrigeration Specialties
  • Refrigerant

Featured Parts

VFDs and motors

Danfoss VFDs
We stock the VLT 102 HVAC Drive from 5HP to 75HP in 208V and 460V in many various configurations. We stock vertical and sideXside configurations with 3 contactor bypass in 208V and 460V models. We also stock base drive w/o bypass in 5HP to 20HP.

US Motors
We’re stocked with 1/6HP to 75HP motors.


We have a large inventory of refrigerants at all times. Below is a list of blends we have in stock, but if you have a specific request, we can get it to you swiftly. Pallet quantities can be drop shipped to you with free freight!

  • R407C
  • R22
  • R134A
  • R410A
  • M099 R422D 

Heating Season Essentials

We know it doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but heating season will be here before you know it! Check your furnace and boilers; do annual PMs on them. Our Parts Team can help you get ahead of the curve. Induce draft motors, blower motors, ignitors, ignition controls, air filters are in stock now.


Unisource Connectors

Series 301 Ultra-Sphere Single Sphere

Precision molded Ultra-Sphere connectors will perform double duty as a vibration elimination pump connector, or as an expansion joint, absorbing pipe movements.

Series 302 Ultra-Sphere Double-Sphere

Series 302 double sphere connectors are similar in construction to the single sphere style, but with a second sphere to provide even more pipe movement absorbing capability and even greater efficiency for noise and vibration control.

Looking for something specific?

Shoot us a message and we’ll find it for you!

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