boilers and water heaters

RBI Torus

Boilers and Water Heaters


Heat Exchanger Watertube Stainless Steel Condensing
Size Range 1,250 – 4,000 MBH
AHRI Boiler Efficiency 97.5%
AHRI Water Heater Efficiency 98%
Turndown Full Modulation
Applications Variable Volume, Full Flow, Primary / Secondary

Torus boilers and water heaters bring next level performance in a small compact footprint to today’s applications. The RBI tradition of high quality, performance equipment in a user-friendly design continues with Torus.

Incorporating all industry-proven components including HeatNet 3.0 touchscreen cascade control and our Tru-Flow fuel/air coupling system and capacities to 4000 MBH Torus has the solution for all commercial installations.


  • 4 Pass Double-Row Heat Exchanger (160 psi/ASME (H & HLW) Stamp)
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Full Modulation (5:1 water heater / 5:1 boiler)
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Control Platform
  • Touchscreen Programming and Diagnostics
  • Modbus, LonWorks and BACnet BMS Integration
  • Low NOx and CO
  • Easy Maintenance and Installation
  • Category II and IV (up to 160’)
  • PVC/CPVC, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel Vent Approved

Heat Exchanger

Torus heat exchangers are designed for optimum performance and durability. Made from an industrial quality 316L stainless steel Torus heat exchangers are reliable and robust while being very resistant to both thermal shock and acidic condensate.

A unique 4-pass design works in concert with a new multichannel manifold and increased tube diameters resulting in ultra-high efficiency with very low pressure drop.

Torus heat exchangers are manufactured with an industrial quality 316L stainless steel through a process called tube hydroforming. Tube hydroforming allows the shaping of stainless steel tubes that are not only stronger and lighter but also have a higher quality surface than competitive heat exchangers maximizing both performance and durability in a compact design.

Hydroforming insures a uniform and consistent gap between the tubes facilitating consistent exhaust gas circulation and uniform heat transfer throughout the entire heat exchanger

Bluejet ® Burner

Torus’ Bluejet® burner offers industry leading modulation capacity, flame retention and combustion quality. Whether natural gas or LP gas, BlueJet’s low NOx design works in perfect concert with our Tru-Flow fuel/air system providing consistent reliable operation.


Torus heat exchangers use a 4-pass system for maximum efficiency. The unique path of water throughout the heat exchanger is designed to absorb as much heat energy as possible.

  • Pass 1: Return water passes through the first set of inner tubes absorbing residual heat energy.
  • Pass 2: Water passes through the exhaust gas chamber
  • Pass 3: Outer tubes of the combustion chamber
  • Pass 4: Supply water distribution final pass through the inner tubes of the combustion chamber

HeatNet 3.0

      • Digital Touch Screen Programming
      • Lead/Lag Cascade (16 Units)
      • Mixed-Size Unit Communication
      • Adaptive Modulation
      • Circular Pump/VFD/Valve Control
      • BMS Integration
      • Freeze Protection & Delta T Monitoring
      • Hybrid/base Load Capability
      • Priority Boiler Control
      • Domestic Hot Water Communication
      • Web-Based Remote Monitoring/Dashboard
      • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
      • Set Points
      • Exclusive Remote Monitoring Capability with HeatNet Online

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