AccuValve Airflow Control Valves

21 st Century Sustainable Airflow Control

The AccuValve is an electronically operated airflow control valve for critical environments such as laboratories and clean rooms. The AccuValve is designed for 21 st   Century sustainable building control incorporating high accuracy airflow sensing with a revolutionary design based upon proven technologies.

Why is a low-pressure drop airflow valve important to me?

A low-pressure drop airflow valve can mean significant savings in operating costs over the life of the building. Using an airflow-based valve instead of a mechanical pressure‐based valve can reduce duct static pressures by greater than 1.0″ wc. This will result in fans running at lower brake horsepower and can mean savings of over $425,000.00 over a 20-year life of a building with 100,000 CFM of exhaust.

Why does the AccuValve operate at significantly lower duct pressures than a venturi valve?

The AccuValve was designed as an airflow‐based control valve whereas the venturi valve is a mechanical pressure‐based airflow valve. The AccuValve measures actual airflow, thereby not having a requirement for duct pressure to operate. The venturi valve requires fan horsepower to “power” the mechanical spring and cone assembly.

What is the difference between a pressure‐based valve and airflow‐based valve?

An airflow‐based valve such as an AccuValve does not require pressure in the system to operate. Instead it measures airflow directly and will drive the valve blades to achieve the required airflow regardless of the pressure in the system. In the event there is not sufficient pressure in the duct to achieve the required airflow it will read low airflow and an alarm will occur. The AccuValve is specified with a recommended maximum pressure drop of 0.3″ for energy efficiency with the most energy efficient design between 0.1″ and 0.2″. The AccuValve provides control up to a maximum pressure drop of 0.45″ when required.

A pressure‐based airflow valve like a venturi requires pressure in the duct to operate. The mechanical system of cone, spring and slide bearings requires pressure in the ductwork to achieve its pressure independence. This results in using the fan brake horsepower to create the pressure independence.


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Accutrol’s Award-winning Insight Software

All AccuValve models incorporate a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, which enables the user to configure the valve for their specific requirements. Accutrol’s Insight software, provided free of charge, insures that the owner is not required to contact the manufacturer of the airflow control system when changes are required in the field.

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